We have products with the Nordic Swan ecolabel

Svenska Fönster has been manufacturing products for several years that are approved to bear the Nordic Swan ecolabel, which is something only a few window manufacturers can be proud of.

The requirements to have windows marked with the Nordic Swan ecolabel are highly detailed and differ from other ecolabels in that the Nordic Swan ecolabel not only sets requirements for content – but also for quality and good energy efficiency. Windows that bear the Nordic Swan ecolabel must have a low impact on climate thanks to small energy losses, have a low impact on the environment through stringent requirements for materials and manufacturing, and they must be function-tested and have a long lifespan, as well as being sold with good installation and maintenance instructions.

For Svenska Fönster the Nordic Swan ecolabel shows in other words that we are capable of meeting stringent requirements for quality and the environment. But it also means that we have a better starting point prior to future environmental requirements from our government agencies.

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