Energy, manufacturing and waste

Svenska Fönster has an environmental group that works intensively with every aspect of environmental issues. One example of this is the project started in 2009 to save energy. We began working with discipline to switch things off, and by replacing lighting and equipment with energy-saving alternatives. In recent years we have implemented night rounds four times a year to make sure that all the equipment is switched off and that there is no leakage when nothing is running. The result was better than expected – the consumption of energy has been reduced by almost 25 per cent and employees are now keen on not wasting energy. As of 2017 all the energy we use is labelled with its origin and comes from renewable sources.

Our production has also been optimised, so that all the timber and glass is utilised to the maximum and wastage is minimal. Yet the processing of raw timber does result in a lot of sawdust and small pieces of wood – this is used as biofuel to heat our plants in Edsbyn and Lingbo. We also sell sawdust, which is later converted to biofuel and also used for district heating in our plant in Söderhamn.

However, a business like ours needs more than just wood and glass. Together with our purchasing department the environmental group has ensured that almost 99 per cent of all the material used in our company can be recycled as energy or material.

The company also has an active chemicals group, which ensures that the chemicals used in our production are as kind as possible and that there are no serious hazards associated with the use of chemicals.

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