Employees have their say

Svenska Fönster is the largest private employer in our area and we aim to be the most attractive. We therefore work actively in several different areas so that employees will find satisfaction both at work and in their free time. Here are nine strong arguments to work at Svenska Fönster.

Lars Jonsson

We care about the environment

– Lars Jonsson, Quality and environment resource

“It’s important to take care of the environment for the sake of all our children – and for me it’s extremely important for the sake of my daughter. That’s why it’s fun to work with tangible things for a clean nature and environment.”

As a leading manufacturer in the window industry we do what we can to create a better world by always thinking in the long-term perspective. Because we work in an area with pure water and fresh air we have an innate love of nature and would never want to pollute it. We invest in environmental issues because we want future generations to also drink clean water and breathe fresh air. We have a strict environmental policy that covers our entire business and we are proud to be one of the few manufacturers of windows that have the Nordic Swan ecolabel.

Elin Ondahl

We go home in one piece, and look forward to coming back

– Elin Ondahl, Central warehouse

“For me a good working environment is about workmates and solidarity, a positive atmosphere with laughter and togetherness. But also the security of working for a company that looks after its employees as people.”

It’s the people who make up Svenska Fönster and safety always comes first for us. We have zero vision towards accidents and as employees we are always involved with improving our safety procedures. If someone is not feeling well we get a grip on ill health at an early stage together with our industrial health service. It’s important for the company that everyone is satisfied with their work and therefore we put a lot of effort into creating a culture in which self-advancement and job satisfaction are taken for granted. We work in teams here and many of us would contend that the fellowship with our workmates is the best thing about the job.

Emil Clahr

We get responsibility here and work with continual improvements

– Emil Clahr, Emendo

“What I like about Svenska Fönster is that everyone gets the chance to work with the improvement of their own way of working. Everyone is responsible for their own part, it’s better like that!”

At Svenska Fönster the work with continual improvements is so important that it has its own name and own department – Emendo, which is based on the LEAN strategy. But although this work has its own department it’s up to everyone to be responsible and to take the opportunity to develop and become better. The work with Emendo involves regular improvement forums for all departments and work processes, through which every employee can influence his or her work and the future of the company.

Emelie Axman

There are good opportunities to develop here

– Emelie Axman, First woman Assembly line 7

“One of the good things about working in an expanding company is that there are lots of opportunities to climb the ladder if you want to advance. It’s also fun to be a supervisor – you face new challenges every day.”

At Svenska Fönster there’s a lot of talk about career promotions, probably because we have such a wide range of expertise and a strong belief in the individual. Many of us have come into the production without higher education, for example as a fitter, and then become first man and production leader. Others have gone from the production to work in finance, sales, IT and marketing. We are happy to accept students for traineeships, or for examination work – and the students usually enjoy being here. Several of them have started working here.

Mikael Nöjd

Everyone thinks of the customer

– Mikael Nöjd, Parts department

“Whatever I do, I do it the best way I can. Because when we give customers good products and service the customer recommends us and our windows to others – and that’s good for all of us.”

When it comes to relations with our customers the key words for us are long-term perspective and professionalism. Everyone contributes here to ensure that every business transaction gets done correctly, to create the proud satisfaction our products produce. Recently Svenska Fönster has been working on several fronts to get closer to our different groups of customers, for example through new digital functions.

Yupin Pongboonchan

We have committed employees here

– Yupin Pongboonchan, Fittings

“When I talk about my job I say that it’s good here – good information, good working environment and good colleagues. It was difficult to get a job in Sweden when I was new to the country, but here I was taken on as a trainee and had to show that I could work.”

If my workmates are proud of the products they make, they are just as proud to be working for Svenska Fönster. And the management is just as proud of the result in every year’s commitment survey, because the result is higher than the industrial index. But the management is not satisfied. On the basis of each annual survey a couple of focal points are picked out and activities put in motion to further stimulate the interest and commitment of the workforce to their work and the company.

Regina Olnils Svenska Fönster

We are in Hälsingland

– Regina Olnils, IT

“In Hälsingland life is easier, no congestion, free parking, and everything you need is here. People are happier and calmer, I savour every day.”

In Hälsingland life is easy to live – because here in the middle of Sweden there is everything you could wish for. There are the contrasts between the mountains and the archipelago, between the towns and the countryside. You can feel safe here, people are concerned, there’s a strong social life and vibrant culture. Housing is still cheap here, which means there’s a high standard of living, and to encourage more people to come here the municipal housing company applies a business priority if you move here to work for Svenska Fönster. Företagsringen (Business Circle) also arranges removal services.

We care about people

– Sofie Mattes, Sales

“Due to the support we receive from the company Svenska Fönster, the municipality and from other actors in the area, Edsbyn’s Ski Club can, among other things, organize a free skiing school for children, for which I have the honor of being a leader. The last season we had about 30 participants!”

Our factory and head office are in Edsbyn. The sport here is bandy and local people built Sweden’s first bandy arena here. Today Svenska Fönster is the proud sponsor of the arena, and the main sponsor for both Edsbyn Pride and the challenge of preventive health care in the municipality – because we care about people here. We have also made sure that the children in the small boys’ and girls´ bandy team have all the equipment they need, and with the support of our owners in the Danish group VKR arranged for bikes to borrow for the children in the bike park. And a lot more.

Anders Frisk

Preventive health care and activities

– Anders Frisk, Glass department

“It’s good to be part of the personnel association – because we can do things for those who work here and their families. And best of all, there’s the Christmas party. There are a lot of young children, and their excitement was written all over their faces.”

At Svenska Fönster different personnel groups arrange social and preventive health care activities for their colleagues. One of the goals is that there should be something for everyone. These activities allow us to meet beyond departmental limits and, if we want to, join together to push our limits. Many of the activities take place in conjunction with working hours and afford the opportunity to bring the whole family. And if you want to exercise alone, we have excellent gyms in our factories.

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