Our values

The key words for work at Svenska Fönster are that we are responsible, professional and proactive. This means that for us the safety of the people always comes first. We care about the environment so that even future generations will have the best prospects of a good life. Svenska Fönster and the company’s owners adopt social responsibility through annual contributions to club activities, social projects, research, development and environmental projects. We keep our promises, accept our mistakes, put human values in first place, and abide by laws and statutes.

Our customers must be able to have confidence in our competence and the added value we convey in every business transaction. That’s why all our personnel follow a standardised methodology, and with continual improvements. We treat our customers, employees, suppliers and all other interested parties with respect and sincerity.

It’s important for us to understand and to find solutions for what customers need today, and in the future. That’s why we stay one step ahead in our work with the environment and sustainability, and our surveillance of the world around us. We have the courage to find new ways of doing things – which means we set stringent demands on ourselves and our partners.

Svenska Fönster AB, Snickarvägen 12, 828 81 Edsbyn, Tel: +46 (0) 271-291 00,