Our owners

Svenska Fönster is part of the Dovista group. Dovista was founded In 2004. It is a group of 14 distinctive brands that manufacture and market vertical windows and exterior doors. Together we are more than 7,500 employees across 10 European countries. As a group, we represent more than 750 years of experience within manufacturing vertical windows and exterior doors made from wood and wood/aluminium, PVC, PVC/aluminium and Aluminium. Our brands are Dobroplast (PL), EgoKiefer (CH), KRONE (DK), Lian (NO), Mockfjärds (SE), Natre (NO), OH Industri (DK), Rationel (DK), Slovaktual (SL), SP Fönster (SE), Traryd Fönster (SE), VELFAC (DK), Wertbau (DE), and Weru (DE). Our core markets are Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway, the UK, Sweden and Switzerland, and we have production sites in Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden. DOVISTA is headquartered in Horsens, Denmark and is owned by VKR Holding A/S, a limited company with a non-profit, charitable foundation as its largest shareholder. n 2016 two of the company’s trusts distributed one and a half million Swedish kronor for the benefit of the public.

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