Our history

The history of Svenska Fönster’s oldest brand begins in 1935 when an enterprising man called Otto Pettersson founded what today is Traryd Fönster. In his youth he spent many years in the United States and brought his knowledge with him from there to Småland and Sweden.

In 1946 the Olmats & Persson company was founded in Edsbyn, Hälsingland, which made windows, doors and also did general joinery production. Construction of the current factory in Edsbyn began in 1962 and after being expanded in several stages is now the largest window factory in northern Europe with around 63,000 square metres under roof. In 1975 the company changes its name to SP Snickerier and later took the name SP Fönster.

Svenska Fönster AB was established in 1997 by Traryd Fönster and SP Fönster. The objective was to create a competitive and resourceful player on the Swedish window market. With the two well-known and reputable brands and a manufacturing that lay at the forefront of modern developments, there were all the prerequisites for success.

In 2000 all the shares in Svenska Fönster AB were acquired by the Danish group VKR. The name stands for Villum Kann Rasmussen, who founded Velux roof windows – a company that is also part of VKR.
Two years later production of Traryd Fönster was moved from Småland and they have since then been made in the same factory as SP Fönster in Edsbyn.

2007 saw the start of an intensive period for Svenska Fönster. The company opened their newly built head office in Edsbyn next to the factory. The following year work began with Emendo, which is based on the Lean strategy. It involves the continual improvement of all the processes in the company, so that we improve efficiency and reinforce the company’s competitiveness. The same year Svenska Fönster also started up a component factory in Söderhamn.

In 2012 Svenska Fönster was rewarded for its hard work to improve the environment. It became the first company to meet the new, stringent requirements for the Nordic Swan ecolabel – Scandinavia’s official eco-label. The justification for this is that Svenska Fönster takes the environment into consideration in all the stages of its production as a general principle, and in particular because the surface treatment system is water-based.

Svenska Fönster is now one of Sweden’s leading window manufacturers and over SEK 100 million is invested in Svenska Fönster’s factory in Edsbyn to further expand production. Investments are also being made in sales, with digital solutions aimed at consumers and joiners.

Svenska Fönster AB, Snickarvägen 12, 828 81 Edsbyn, Tel: +46 (0) 271-291 00,